7-Eleven Launches Presidential Coffee Cup Poll

DALLAS — It’s still more than two months until Election Day, but as it turns out early voting started Thursday. No, not at your local polling place, but at 7-Eleven.

The convenience store chain has launched its quadrennial 7-Election campaign, where your coffee purchases go into an official presidential election poll.

And hey, if you’re not on team red or blue, there is a third party option where you can write in the candidate of your choice, whoever that might be.

The stakes of this coffee based poll might actually be pretty high. Since the start of this idea, America’s coffee cup preferences have correctly predicted the last 4 elections.

You can track this percolating poll live at www.7election.com starting September 6 so you can keep an eye on how your state and city are leaning.

So let your voice be heard even while you’re drinking your morning cup o’ joe. But just a reminder that in the middle of a tense election, full of “hot takes” and “mud” slinging: It doesn’t matter which cup you drink your brew out of, it still tastes the same. Maybe that can bring us all together on something!