Posting Bad Review Can Get You Sued

DALLAS  - Checking out reviews online is pretty common, but leaving a bad post can get you sued for a million bucks. That's what happened to one Plano couple who gave a one star rating to Prestigious Pets.

But now a Dallas County judge has dismissed the case. Robert and Michelle Duchouquette’s  attorney says they’re off the hook, for now. “They’re

“They’re really, really pleased that judge Jordan decided that the case didn’t have any merit and should be dismissed," attorney Paul Levy said.

The lawsuit was filed by Prestigious Pets after the negative post went up on Yelp. Now there is even a consumer alert against Prestigious pets about legal threats. The business’s argument was that the Duchouquettes  signed a contract not to post anything bad about Prestigious Pets.

“It says they shall not take any action that harms Prestigious Pets," Levy said. "Which, in theory, means they couldn’t recommend a different business. In theory, it means they couldn’t go to a different business."

Prestigious Pets didn’t want to go on camera but their attorney, Bill Richmond said in a statement, Prestigious Pets is reviewing its options, including an appeal of the decision. Now they're arguing that the Duchouquette’s negative post was about their fish bowl and Prestigious Pets says they were never hired to feed the fish.

As for the Duchouquettes, they just want the case to be over.