FICO & Chill? Here’s What Some Singles Look For When Dating

NEW YORK, NY -- To all the single ladies and men, "what do you look for in a potential spouse?"

Nice clothes? Smile?

confused ryan gosling want question asking

Well, while you're sitting there building Mr. or Ms. Perfect, maybe you should check their credit score too?!

At least that's what 4 in 10 adults in a new Bankrate survey say they do.

Check this: 43% of women claim knowing a person's credit score could impact their interest in that person, while just 32% of men said the same.

But the real question is: how would you even begin to ask a person their credit score on the first, second or even third date?

One word: Awkwaaaaard.

But on the other hand, maybe digging for a credit score isn't so bad if you're thinking about your future, right?