Fashion Fix: #THECOSIGNEXPERIENCE: Fashion, Music & Art Show

DALLAS -- The Dallas fashion world was in full force for the Cosign Magazine “The COSIGNExperience.”

The bash celebrated the edgy magazine's fifth anniversary of bringing together three aspects of expression: fashion, music, and art.

"It’s always different vendors that are starting their companies, and getting their names out there. The stylists are always different every year. I mean the fashion; it’s beautiful it’s outrageous. There’s always different artists there's artwork, there's just so many talented people, said host Misty Romano.

With a plethora of local designers, the opportunity to showcase their walking art was not taken lightly. From sweet and flirty to exclusive and dapper, these artists made a statement.

"I have some whites, some reds, some flowy, I have some short sleeves, long sleeves, fashion designer," Ronald K. Jones, II, of RKJ Clothing said. "You’re just going to see some RKJ and you going to see my preference in what I would like to see in people’s closets."

There were sick beats, perfectly painted canvases and an array of chic designs and there was something more to what was walking down the runway.

"This year we decided to donate to Women Called Moses Organization," said Kurtis “KG” Graham, CEO and Founder. "Pretty much they help battered women, women that need shelter. So we thought it (would) be a great cause with fashion. Women love fashion. So to put out fashion and gain funds from that and donate it to them,”

Looks like bridging together fashion and charity is something that will never go out of style.