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Everything’s Peachy: 8 Paths to Appreciate Summer Peaches in DFW

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By Kristina Rowe, NewsCastic

Since August is National Peach Month, it seemed a roundup of peachiness was in order. Further research revealed that peach season actually peaks in DFW in June and July, so we missed some of the best places to go for peaches. But we still found some great peach-tastic items to share with you, and at the end we’ll fill your bucket list with some peachy stuff for next year and years to come.

To Market, to Market

Despite peach season being early in DFW, and even earlier in 2016 due to an unseasonably warm winter, your local Farmers Market may still be a great source for fresh peaches. At the Dallas Farmers Market, even if you don’t score any of the delectable fruits, you’ll still find jams, jellies, and salsas.

Shake it Up

DFW loves Chick-Fil-A, and in the summer time, there’s even more to love. Their peach shake is only available seasonally, so you absolutely have to get there and try one before they’re gone.

Peachy Keen

The crew. 🍑🍑🍑🍑

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It’s worth a visit to Cupboard Natural Foods & Cafe in Denton just to see their peachalicious mural outside. But go on inside and try one of their smoothies — three of the flavors feature peaches. Plus, their falafel pita on organic bible pita bread is flavored up with tomato peach chutney. Yum. Fill your belly, and then shop the market of natural and organic foods to fill your cupboard.

Wild Things

Texas time!

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When peaches are in season, you’ll find them in elevated cuisine at many of DFW’s fine dining establishments. Wild game is a specialty at Bonnells in Fort Worth, and we think the quail with peaches (plus farro, Swiss chard, and jalapeno cream) sounds delicious!

Fry a Slice of Pie

Apparently, some of our Yankee friends call them “hand pies,” and don’t realize that a fried pie is not about a slice of pie, but a little pie in and of itself. But every Southerner knows what a fried pie is and where to find one. Along with chicken tenders, chicken wings, and other Southern-inspired goodies, Slim Chickens has fried pies on the menu. With nine DFW locations, the newest in Plano, you can quickly get your hands on a fresh, hot fried pie — peach flavor is one of their delicious regular offerings.

Another great place for homemade fried pies (or cobbler!) is Baker’s Ribs, a 25-year-old family owned and operated barbecue spot where you can follow up a meaty meal with a peachy dessert to remember.

A Little Addicting

For something different, top an unbelievably good cinnamon roll with peach frosting. At Cinnaholic, egg-free, dairy-free vegan cinnamon rolls are topped with custom frosting flavors and fun toppings. Part cinnamon roll, part cake, the treats from this business featured on Shark Tank are best when you mix and match your own unique roll. Try peach frosting, gingersnaps, and blueberries for a fabulous flavor sensation. Find Cinnaholic in Southlake for now, with a location coming soon to Richardson.

You are My Moonshine

Making a name for itself among Dallas foodies, Mash’d (in Fort Worth and Frisco) rocks a menu that will get you drooling. And that’s before you even take a look at the other part of their concept — moonshine! Celebrate national peach month or any other special time with some peach moonshine!

Tea for Two or Three

You can get peach iced tea at lots of places in DFW, but our favorite is the peach mango iced tea at Eatzi’s Market, founded by Phil Romano of Macaroni Grill fame. Sip on some with a sandwich or salad onsite, or grab some for the ride when you take home a delicious prepared meal from one of five DFW area locations.

If you act fast, you may be able to sample some out-of-this world peach desserts at DFW Restaurant Week. Max’s Wine Dive (McKinney Avenue or Fort Worth) lists a fourth course option of Peaches and Cream Bread Pudding that sounds so good, we can’t wait to get there.

There are surely plenty more peach treats to enjoy now in DFW, but if you’re making a bucket list of “don’t miss” things for next year and beyond, save some space on your calendar in June and July. You’ll definitely want to check out Ham Orchards for all things peaches in season, Henrietta Creek Apple Orchards to pick your own peaches in season, the Parker County Peach Festival in Weatherford, and future DFW Restaurant Week offerings. With a taste of one or more of these options, we think your future will be looking pretty peachy!