Birth of Controversy: Birth of a Nation Director in Hot Water

HOLLYWOOD, CA - The director of the yet-to-be released Birth of a Nation is now birthing controversy. Nate Parker who also wrote and starred in the film is now in defense mode after details have been released of a rape accusation from 1999.

Parker, who at the time was a student at Penn State, was eventually acquitted of all charges. Parker`s college roommate at the time, who also received a credit for the film, was convicted of sexual assault.

The woman who filed the charges also claimed that Parker and his roommate harassed her after she pressed charges; she committed suicide in 2012.

Even though the incident happened 17 years ago, it's affecting Parker's current promotion of the film. The American Film Institute recently canceled a screening that was supposed to be followed by a Q&A with Parker.

Parker has maintained his innocence concerning the 1999 incident.

As of now the movie is still scheduled to be released nationwide October 7.