It’s National Red Wine Day!

DALLAS -- Pop the cork and pour yourself a glass of wine, red wine that is! It's National Red Wine Day!

So savor a glass or two of Cabernet, Malbec, Merlot, or Zinfandel! Because it can actually be very beneficial for you.

For one, doctors say it's food for the brain and can actually help with your memory, providing you don't overdo it. Also, an occasional sip of vino tinto can help keep the stubborn belly area slim! Studies show that the alcohol in wine can burn extra calories, even after you put that glass down!

If you think that's a winner, just wait! There's more!

A glass a day may be able to boost up your immune system and fight against food poisoning! At least, those were the findings in a recent Spanish study.

Dare we say more?

So, wherever you get your wine from, whether it is an expensive bottle, a can or a box, drink a glass or two! Your body will thank you!