Dwyane Wade Loses his Cousin and Donald Trump Reacts

CHICAGO, IL -- Chicago: often called "The Heart of America" or "The Jewel of the Midwest." But sometimes, its shine is very much overshadowed by the daily violence that goes on in its streets. And Friday afternoon showed no different.

Nykea Aldridge, a cousin of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade, was pushing a stroller with a baby inside down the streets of the windy city's south side when the mother of four became a bystander caught in the crossfire of a shooting.

According to officials, she was pronounced dead at the hospital after suffering shots to her head and arm.

"Just sat up on a panel yesterday, The Undefeated, talking about the violence that's going on within our city of Chicago, never knowing that the next day we would be the ones that would be actually living and experiencing it,” said Pastor Jolinda Wade, Wade's Mother.

Wade took to social media to express his anger over losing his cousin by tweeting out:

The wade family has received support from people all over the world, even Donald Trump had something to say:

Along with the tweet came the backlash with many saying condolences would have been a better move.

One of Chicago’s other nicknames?  "The City of Bullets"; which fits it all too well. But if any city can make a comeback, you know it's "The City of Broad Shoulders."