UT Students Protest for “Meat” Instead of Heat

AUSTIN, TX -- Protests on college campuses are nothing new but a protest that gives people free sex toys is kind of weird. What else would you expect in Austin?

That’s where a state gun law allows those with a concealed carry license to have a gun on school grounds although it's still illegal to display a firearm on campus. The minimum age for obtaining a license to carry is 21.

Anyway, the new legislation has students at the University of Texas divided. Those opposed to the new legislation showed up Wednesday in a protest dubbed “C***s Not Glocks”. The protest involved students strapping sex toys to their backpacks and handing them out to others on campus.

Why sex toys? Because according to campus rules a student can get a citation for bringing one to class.

Hopefully, students left a little extra room in their backpacks for ummm... eggplants. Good luck to all those who choose to pack “meat” instead of heat.