The Internet Cat Video Festival is the Cat’s Meow in Dallas

DALLAS -- It's one of the most popular videos on YouTube, with roughly 45 million views:

And as one of the original cat videos to go viral, you could say it's one of the... cat-alysts (eh?!) behind dozens of cat videos that have gone viral over the years.

Which is why -- it comes as no surprise -- that these videos have spawned the creation of the Internet Cat Video Festival. Yeah, that's a thing.

And on Wednesday the festival made a stop at the Texas Theater in Dallas.

"They collect internet videos of cats from all over the world, and they put it in this exhibit," said Bart Weiss, the director of the  Dallas Video Festival. "And I thought, 'well we should have that here, right?' Of course, we should have that here!"

But why are these videos so frickin' popular??

"There's something really wonderful about cat videos, you know? With all this going on in politics, it's kinda nice to have something going on that is peaceful, calm, happy, that sort of connects you," said Weiss. "You can't really feel bad when you're watching a cat video, right?"

Exactly! And research backs that up! The bottom line is these videos make people feel good. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that.