Dirty Politics? Bad Sign for Dog After Hillary Sign Stolen

RICHARDSON -- It`s a sign of the times - and just like politics these days - it's being done in the shadows: that's right - every election season - calls about stolen election signs go up. Just in the past few weeks criminals have been tagged on cameras across the country.

But for a family in Richardson, it's become far more serious. Neighbors say not only has this family's Hillary Clinton sign been stolen, but their car was vandalized, and days later, their dog ended up dying.

"Somebody had been calling animal services on them because their dogs were barking too much, said Karen Clark, a neighbor. "So I don`t know if its that or was it the Hilary sign. Who knows?"

But just like politics - what happened is anything but clear. The Richardson police say there is no direct link between the death of the family pet and the stolen signs.

Police say they are not investigating the sign being stolen, or the doggie death. But people in the area feel no matter who you like, breaking the law isn't necessary.

"You could be for Hillary and I could be for Trump, but we are still neighbors," said Emery Seaman. "And we still take care of one another."