Dallas Abuse Shelter Adding a Kennel for Pets

DALLAS - Anyone can be on the receiving end in an abusive relationship -- husband vs wife, owner vs pet. You may have heard about that Baylor football player who's in trouble after being caught on camera abusing his dog.

Sometimes it's best to have a place to get away and feel secure. The Family Place in Dallas has been doing this for years. The Family Place CEO Paige Flink said, "When people come to the emergency shelter, what they need is a place to hide. They're not safe with the person who is supposed to love them."

Flink says it's common that pets take abuse in a hostile family environment, but by next summer that will change for some. "New for us, a kennel.  Where the family who won't flee without the family pet. They can come and feel safe and also have their pet feel safe," said Flink.

Flink says many times the family pet is a deal breaker in an abusive situation.  She explained, "If you leave me I'll kill our dog, I'll kill your cat, I'll kill your horse, so I've heard those stories and realize in our new facility we would have enough space to take in small dogs and cats for the family to feel good about it."

Sounds like a pet project that will make a lot of people sleep better.