Meet Samson, the Largest Cat in New York City

Samson the cat lives in Brooklyn with his owner Jonathan Zurbel. At 4 feet long and weighing in at 28 pounds, he’s the biggest cat in our country’s biggest city.

It’s a title Zurbel doesn’t take lightly.

“He’s the [largest] cat in the city, and I welcome any challengers to step up,” Zurbel proudly told the New York Post.

Before you judge, Samson’s stupendous stature isn’t because he’s overfed. It has to do with with his breed: Main Coon. As Samson’s groomer told the Post, he’s actually the Fabio of cats:

“He is genuinely long, broad, heavy and strong. He’s big and well-proportioned. He’s a real big Maine coon,” says his groomer, Carolyn Ayala. “I have groomed many obese cats but [he’s] not the same . . . He is the Fabio of cats. He’s a gentle giant.”

Check out some great photos of the full figured feline below and if you just can’t get enough, keep up with Samson on Instagram.

My human @splurttech thinks I'm a tempurr-pedic pillow!!

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#CatTips : Humans make great pillows

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