It’s All Good! Meet & Greet with Usher Up For Grabs, Donate To Win

Usher could easily be crowned R&B royalty, but he's not only 'Moving Mountains' in the music industry he's doing the same when it comes to giving back.

In 1999 the singer created Usher's New Look -- a mentor program that keeps kids off the streets and out of trouble. For the past 17 years UNL has changed the lives of 30,000 youth around the world.

Now there's a chance for you to Trade Places and do some good. If you donate to Usher's cause through his Prizeo page you can win a chance to to meet Usher at this year's "Start The Spark" experience for UNL. You and a friend would be flown to Atlanta and put in a hotel.

Can you say OMG?

And of course when it comes to the superstar there's No Limit. The more you donate the greater your chances are of winning.