Dallas Still Fines Auto Shop $1,000 a Day For Not Closing

DALLAS - The world has changed on Ross avenue in Dallas over the last ten years. The influence of the nearby arts district has led to a renaissance of apartments, and restaurants.

Everything's changed. Except for Hinga Auto Repair. It sits right where it's been for 30 years. Despite attempts by the city to zone it out of business. The owner,  Hinga Mbogo says, "They want me to close down my business in this location and go somewhere else. I don't think that's fair." Mbogo  doesn't think 360 grand in fines is fair, either.

Thursday night, Hinga held a barbecue to thank his supporters. It was a good boost before Friday, when Hinga  fought City Hall in court. His lawyers asked a judge to make the city stop trying to collect the fines. But the judge wouldn't do it. "That's thousand dollars a day, that means that they're trying to take my property away they couldn't take it through taxes so they're using that to take my property."
Hinga's attorneys say they will ask for another hearing to stop the fines. No trial date has been set for Hinga's case.