Two Take Roads Less Traveled for Summer Trips

DALLAS - We all have different reasons for taking road trips; getting to see parts of the country we`ve never seen, bonding and some nice relaxing mini-golf. The latter is what mini-golf enthusiast Dan Caprera has been doing this summer.

Since June, Dan has been hitting the road in search of the best mini-golf courses in all 50 states! He`s even found time to give the Dallas mini-golf scene some love with a visit to top golf. Dan described the course as “absurd” but in a good way - saying it was a “really cool place, just not temperature-wise.” We think all Texans can relate to that.

If you're interested in seeing how Dallas stacks up to the other mini-golf courses around the world you can visit his blog.

While some are road tripping the country others have more worldly pursuits, like Petrina Thong, who visited 22 countries on just $200!

It wasn't easy, Petrina accomplished the feat by hitchhiking, couch-surfing and even dumpster-diving for food! She toughed it out for just over a year before heading back home to Malaysia in July.

So whether by way of golf courses or hitchhiking, travelers are adding pins to their personal maps in interesting ways this summer.