Dallas Police Hold On-Site Testing for New Recruits

DALLAS --  After the police ambush in the streets of downtown Dallas last month, who'd want to join the men and women in blue?

A lot of people, it turns out.

"It’s something I’ve always wanted to accomplish and here I am today being able to accomplish my dreams, it’s very important to me,” says Norma Brown, a new recruit.

Eager, energized, fresh recruits stood outside the DPD Headquarters Thursday morning, ready to protect and serve.

But before they can get out on the front lines, they've got to meet some requirements. For example, they must have a driver's license, no traffic tickets, and a squeaky clean record.

Not to mention a rigorous fitness test! They have to jump 6.5 inches straight up, run a mile-and-a-half in less than nineteen minutes, oh and do 14 sit-ups in one minute.

Talk about a workout!

Brown says, "The process today has been very tough because of the heat, but overall it’s worth it to be able to help the community."

"If we get the right people here, we can be selective. We have a very aggressive goal to reach over the next fiscal year.  You just don’t know, I think we're going to get the right people out of what we see today,” says Chief Deputy Jeff Cotner.

We're not sure if it's the camaraderie, or helping others and saving lives that brings people out, ready to wear the uniform. Or maybe it's the authority, respect, and excitement.

But one thing is for sure, DPD is about to get a whole lot stronger!