The Cheapest Day to Say “I Do” is…

NATIONWIDE - With the average cost of an American wedding being over $30,000 the day when we say “I do” can leave behind a bill making you wish you didn`t. But if you pick a certain day of the week to tie the knot you`re guaranteed to start your marriage with more money in your pockets.

That day is Thursday, according to The Knot nearly 6% of couples chose to get married on a Thursday last year, a more than 4% increase from the previous year. And it`s not hard to see why. According to Wedding Spot booking a venue is 17% cheaper on Thursdays compared to Saturdays.

Also since Thursday falls in the middle of the week wedding planners are more likely to negotiate prices due to lower demand.

Thursday can also be better for newlyweds who don`t plan on going on a honeymoon right away a nice four-day weekend awaits you after the wedding day.

So if you`re planning a wedding keep “Friday Eve” open on your schedule and say “I do” to a cheaper day.