Steve-O Bares All In Comedy Tour, Will Always Be a ‘Jackass’?

DALLAS -- If you ever wanted to play a game of dare, Steve-O is your stand-up guy! The wild-boy bares it all on the big screen and he's bringing his one man band to the Addison Improv. Which means: anything goes.

"It's a crazy one man show with stories, jokes stunts and tricks," he told NewsFix.

After graduating from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College , the stunt man entertained the masses for years before being apart of several MTV series.

"The stunts we do on Jackass is 100% real, we have integrity," Steve-O explained.

Believe it or not the 42-year-old isn't always a jackass. When the cameras aren't rolling he lives a healthy vegan lifestyle, which makes up for all those weird things he's put into his body.

"What made me defect and become a fish and egg eater was that I have chronic fatigue a lot of the time and I thought it was my diet making me tired, but then I got a sleep study and it turns out I have mild moderate sleep apnea."

 (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Most importantly, Steve-O cut out the drugs and has been sober since checking into rehab back in '08.

"I was screwing up pretty badly in a terrible way so it's a no-brainer-- I had no choice, " he added.  "It was an easy decision to take recovery seriously."

Steve-O used his recovery time to write his memoir Professional Idiot where he details his journey from a crazy guy with a camera to a Stand-up comedian.

"I really shouldn't say I'm proud of the story because it's not like a story of a really good guy doing everything right."  "I probably should just as well call my book "Confessions of a Douche Bag."

Steve-O's currently working on a new movie and has just released his comedy special on Showtime called Guilty As Charged.

Although Steve-O confirmed they'll be no more Jackass movies, he says he'll always be down for daring ventures.