Snapchat and Twitter making big moves in social media!

VENICE, CALIFORNIA -- First they were copied by Instagram with their stories and now they close a pricey deal with a small startup company.

You know who we're talking about, Snapchat!

Yup, for over a hundred million bucks, Snapchat purchased “Vurb,” a search engine for smart phones.

The app helps people easily do things like, grab a ride, make reservations, catch a movie and even stream television!

Vurb is the second high-profile buy Snapchat has made this year. The first one being the face filters we all love.

Now, Snapchat isn't the only social media giant making big deals, Twitter is also getting some action.

Twitter first introduced stickers this past June, giving people a fun way to decorate their photos before they tweet. And on Monday, Twitter gave Pepsi a time to shine with stickers users can add  to spruce up their photos, share them and basically advertise Pepsi for free, giving advertisers a leg up by being able to target consumers with the stickers they use. Kind of like a visual hashtag.

Looks like social media outlets are getting a lot of makeovers lately, guess we'll have to wait and see what's next!