Red Light? Green Light? Soon, Your Car Will Know the Difference

INGOLSTADT, GERMANY -- You come up to a red light. And you sit and wonder: should you make a right turn and go another way or is the light about to change?

Soon, your car could give you that information and a lot more.

Audi is developing something called "Audi Connect." Your car links itself to the city's central traffic computer giving you information like how long it'll be 'til the light turns green
and how fast you should drive to avoid the next red light.

It'll even give you key information like the speed limit posted on the sign you didn't see.

In the case of the red light, the car can even shut off the engine while you wait and restart it a few seconds before the signal changes. Those of us in hot parts of the country might opt out of that one. We gotta keep our AC running.

Audi says the information will make car travel safer and make self-driving cars a little smarter.

Hey if it'll get the car in front of us to actually go when the light turns green, we're on board!