Dallas Black Dance Theatre Previews 40th Anniversary Season

Dallas Black Dance Theatre gave NewsFix a preview of their upcoming season.

"We're gonna talk about the exciting things that are going to happen during Dallas Black Dance Theatre's 40th Anniversary year," artistic adviser Ann Williams said. "Can you believe that we have been in business for forty years?"

"I learned how to perform here. They taught me not just how to point my feet, how to straighten my legs, but also how to emote and express myself on stage, so that I can connect with the audience," dancer McKinley Willis said. "Because that's the most important part to dance.

"A lot of the premieres that you'll be seeing will have a historical Black motif," Williams said. To be able to have a company and have it never miss a season for 40 years, serving as an inspiration for the many boys and girls who sometimes never will have seen a professional dance company, it's what makes it so exciting."

It's beautiful. I love being here," Willis said. "I love being around family all the time, all day. They are my family."