Behind the Scenes at Dallas ISD Food Services

DALLAS -- School cafeterias may get a bad rap, but the folks at Dallas ISD's Food and Child Nutrition Services take feeding the kiddos seriously.

"Our menus that we plan each year really take into consideration student preferences," said Margaret Lopez, executive director of DISD FCNS.

New on the menu this year?  Delicious items like Strawberry Fields rotini salad, BBQ pork sandwiches, Asian chicken bowls, and Buffalo chicken wraps.

That may disappoint kids who were hoping for deep-fried Jell-O... But they do sound delicious.  And hey, school food should be a little healthier than that other place with new options, right?

Whatever FCNS serves, there needs to be a lot of it.  DISD has close to 160,000 students - that's a lot of mouths to feed!

That's why they have an entire warehouse of food storage, and a small army of employees - all of whom will be hard at work come Monday, when those hungry kiddos start their new school year.