SOLD! Playboy Mansion’s Newest Landlord Is No Stranger To Ho’s

LOS ANGELES, CA -- It's a sweet deal Hugh Hefner couldn't turn down. After months on the market, The Playboy Mansion has finally sold for $100 million. It's $10 mill less than the original price, but apparently Daren Metropoulos sweet talked Hef and company out of their pockets.  After all, he is a connoisseur of creme filled snacks.

C'mon people! Daren's the owner of Hostess Brands, LLC.

We already knew Hef was a fan of Ho Ho's, but apparently, Ding-Dongs and Jumbo Honey Buns are his things too!

But now, Daren holds the keys to a lot of things in the five-acre abode. You know, the normal landlord duties: home improvements, signing off on Playboy parties -- and maybe he'll nominate Suzy Q for Miss July.

Turns out, Daren's no stranger to the lifestyle. He's Hef's long time neighbor and now new housemate. A BIG part of the deal is that Daren has to let Hef live in the mansion until he croaks.

And if the pantry is filled with deep fried Twinkies, it'll probably be sooner rather than later.