Klyde Warren Park to get $90 Million Facelift?

DALLAS -- Part of the joy of hanging out at a park is getting away from the stress of city life, like say, for instance, parking. It’s something you don't get a break from if you decide to drive to Klyde Warren Park.

That’s why Dallas city officials are proposing making a parking garage one of the main additions to Klyde Warren. It would be known as Sky Park. The garage would have room for 70 to 90 spaces and would feature an open air deck restaurant and bar.

Sky Park would be accompanied by another project called Sky Deck which would hang over the freeway plus there would be elevated walkways towards the Arts District and the Perot Museum.

The additions will run up a tab of around $90 million. $50 million of that is expected to be raised by the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park Foundation while the city`s being asked to fund the remaining $40 million.

Jody Grant, Chairman of Klyde Warren Park says the project would be great for Dallas, "I think Dallas needs this. We have been the focal point of a lot of new activity here and we think we can do much more in the future. Increase the activity, increase the economic value of the park and city."

Grant believes that value is expected to climb into the hundreds of millions, "We estimate that we'll add about $900 million in new value and this would take the form of also increased revenue for the city."

Grant will officially make his proposal for the park expansion to City Hall Thursday.