Blogger Bluff: YouTube Star Makes North Korea Sound Like Paradise

PYONGYANG, North Korea - A YouTube star - Louis Cole - wants you to visit... North Korea??!

"Today we are leaving Pyongyang, and we are headed across the country on an adventure," Cole posts in one of his North Korean videos.

Who knew the Communist nation was such a fun place? Well, at least that's what Cole and his posse of vloggers would have you believe, with tweets like this:

But he's catching flack for being over-the-top excited about his travels across North Korea, practically making the world's most oppressive nation sound like Disneyland.

Many think the North Korean government is sponsoring this trip, seeing as Cole never documents the country's harsh living conditions, it's stiff human rights violations, or what it's really like to be a tourist there, which was documented by another travel blogger earlier this year:

"They take away your passport, and your local guides monitor you for the whole trip. They take you to various locations at specific times and they only show you what they want you to see. And wandering alone on your own under any circumstances is not allowed," says Jacob Laukaitis in a video he posted about his experience in North Korea.

Instead, Cole is doing his fans a disservice by staying positive -- yeah, until he gets locked up abroad!