Why “The Poopocalypse” Is The Crappiest Fate Ever

LITTLE ROCK -- Ever heard of "The Poopocalypse?"

Well, we hadn't either until we sniffed out a viral post of one Arkansas dad's pretty crappy accident involving his dog's poop and a Roomba. You know those automatic vacuum robots that'll clean your whole house while you sleep?

Well, Jessie Newton's Roomba did more smearing than sucking when his pup Evie pooped right before it's scheduled 1:30 am cleaning.

So, Jessie woke up to a smelly surprise and even worse, a living room loaded with dog dookie. Check out this detailed manure map Jessie drew for his Facebook friends' viewing pleasure.


Turns out this happens often to Roomba and dog owners. Survivors have tagged the trend "The Poopocalypse"

In a statement to The Guardian, the company strongly suggests owners avoid scheduling the Roomba if they have dogs who tend to poop in the house.

Guess, you can't count on this bot to get the real crappy jobs done for you!