Urgent Care Rolls Out New Mobile Medical Care

FARMERS BRANCH -- Sometimes going to the doctor can be a pain. So to take the pinch out of seeing a doctor, the staff at Urgent Care has rolled out a new method of treating patients.

“What we’ve done is taken the good from the old fashion house calls, combine that with the telemedicine concept and came up with urgent care to go,” Dr. Nilesh Nangran told Newsfix.

This is a 21st-century house call and the staff at Urgent Care says this is the future of non-emergency doctor visits. To set up your appointment you go online, fill out some info and  within an hour a medical assistant will be sent to you. That person will take your vitals and the doctor will be monitoring back at their office.

“There are some rural parts of America which are really physician-deficient and patients have to wait weeks and months just to get a physical exam. Obviously, we want to provide care to those populations as well and that's our goal,” said Dr. Nangrani

The mobile medicine method is not covered by insurance, but these docs say it's  more affordable than most co-pays.

“First it’s affordable, second it's safe for them, third it's convenient that we are actually going to their house. Last thing, you`re not exposed to the germs in the waiting room that exist right now.”