Radio Station from Alabama Presents DPD with Gift of Support

DALLAS, TX -- A radio station in Alabama brought a special gift to the Dallas Police Department on Monday.

Employees with WAPI 99.5 went around Birmingham, Alabama with a flag and had residents leave thoughtful messages and sign it after the deadly ambush that killed four DPD officers and one DART officer.

Matt Murphy with WAPI said "We were inspired by Chief Brown's words the day after the tragedy in Dallas to do something to show him that many portions of the country love and support the men and women in blue. Many, many people with many, many stories came to sign to tell the police how much they love them."

Officers with DPD said they are thankful for warm messages around the nation.

"When something happens to one of us, the community really has stepped up and showed the support. It's overwhelming," said Deputy Chief Scott Walton .