Four Months Later, Still No Killer Caught in Missy Bevers Case

MIDLOTHIAN, TX -- The town was quiet Tuesday morning, not a surprise for a dreary day in Small Town, Texas. What has been surprising for some is that, as we approach the four-month anniversary of Missy Bevers' murder, that hush has included the city's police department.

After Bevers was brutally killed at Creekside Church of Christ the morning of April 18, the public was updated multiple times per week for the next two months.

Now, it's email silence.

Don't take that to mean the cops are caving, though.

Assistant Chief Kevin Johnson didn't have an official update for NewsFix Tuesday, but what he did say boils down to this: so far, Midlothian PD have broken down more than 1,000 tips, and basically none of them have helped build a case against a single possible suspect.

Now they're choosing to lay low, let more tips stream in, and hope this change of pace offers a break in the case.

Oh, and even Creekside Church remains mum on Missy. Most churches are all about open doors, but the only way into Creekside Tuesday was to buzz in and let them know why you came. (Not that we blame them.)

Even after all that, NewsFix was left outside, being told we could try later when different personnel were available.

It turns out that even an unsurprisingly quiet day in Midlothian isn't so normal these days, and for the family of Missy Bevers, no news is definitely not good news.