Robbed in Rio: Ryan Lochte, Teammates Held At Gun Point

RIO DE JANIERO, BRAZIL -- While Olympians are going for the gold at the summer games over in Rio , others might have a different type of gold digging in mind. Several athletes were reportedly robbed at gun point after leaving a party Saturday night.

Sources say, U.S.  swimmer Ryan Lochte and three other teammates had the taxi they were riding in stopped by armed men posing as police. The u-s Olympic committee confirmed that these unidentified men "demanded money and other personal belongings" from the four swimmers. According to NBC,  Lochte claimed that one of the men put a gun to his head before handing over his wallet.

Thankfully, all four athletes are said to be safe, but the crime over in Rio is nothing new. Two coaches from Australia's rowing team were also reportedly attacked and an Olympic security officer was shot in the head in a rough neighborhood near Olympic park.