Milwaukee Slides Into Chaos After Police Fatally Shoot Armed Suspect

MILWAUKEE, WI -- A police shooting of an armed suspect - led to rioting in Milwaukee Saturday night, because apparently, that's what adults do nowadays.

Rioters set at least, five businesses on fire - including a gas station and bank. A police officer was injured when someone threw a brick into his squad car. Police also say the riots were started in large part -  because of social media posts.

"The use of social media, as the mayor mentioned, to get additional people to the scene was amazing," said the assistant chief  of the Milwaukee police, James Harpole. "I also think it's really important to know that the neighborhood itself where the shooting occurred was not the source of the individuals that arrived. Individuals came from other places. The neighborhood itself, the block that this incident occurred on was very calm, and the residents on that block were very respectful and courteous and itself.

Again -- all of this was sparked by a traffic stop Saturday afternoon after two men ran from the car that was being pulled over. One of the suspects that fled is alive. The other, carrying a stolen gun, and did  not follow the order to drop the weapon, was shot and killed.

"The officer did not know at that time but there were 23 rounds in that gun. 23-rounds in the gun that the officer was staring at," said Milwaukee mayor, Tom Barrett.

The officer involved was wearing a body camera. State police are investigating the shooting.