Study Says Several Cups Of Coffee A Day Can Keep The Doc Away

TORONTO, CANADA -- For some people coffee can help cure a handful full of problems. For example, fatigue, mood swings, cramps (for the ladies), and some will even tell you they need it to survive.

But now, a study out of York University is spilling the beans and claiming a cup of Joe, or two... or three is actually really good for your heart.

Turns out, it's said to be a top secret to survival. After monitoring thousands of heart patients dealing with a high risk of heart failure results revealed those who downed two or more cups a day compared to those who drank less were least likely to die prematurely. Well, that's at least from heheart-related issues.

After breaking things down, scientists say the "biologically" active ingredients in coffee makes for a healthier heart! So go indulge in that java goodness your heart will thank you!