Rangers & Fans Struggle During Hottest Day of Summer

ARLINGTON — With 5 straight wins, the Rangers were red hot heading into Thursday. But as hot as the Rangers have been, they were no match for the Rockies, who won 12-9, or the triple digit temps of Thursday`s day game. A fact not lost on fans in attendance as temperatures climbed to as hot as 104 degrees.

NewsFix spoke to several fans who opted to wave white flags in place of Rangers flags in surrender to the heat.

Thursday`s temps served better than any campaign slogan could for proponents of the proposed new climate controlled stadium, complete with a roof, that has been the talk of Arlington lately.

On Tuesday, Arlington City Council unanimously approved placing the vote for the new stadium on the November 8th ballot. We think we can guess how some fans at Thursday`s game would vote.

So for some fans, November can`t get here soon enough, not only to escape this year`s heat but possibly many years to come.