Tarrant County “Back to School Roundup” Helping Students Prepare to Hit the Books

FORT WORTH -- With classes starting in less than two weeks, thousands of people showed up at the Tarrant County "Back to School Roundup" on Wednesday to get some necessities taken care of.

Several families chose to camp out overnight in order to be first in line, with some people arriving as early as 9:45 the night before.

"This is going to help us tremendously. The packets come with almost everything you need to start school with," said parent Tasha King.

Students were also able to get vision, dental, and health screenings for free. The screenings included immunizations if they were needed. Many students could get a free haircut to make sure they looked good before stepping foot on campus.

"Events like this create a buzz, an energy. We want our students to be excited about school," said Dr. Kent Scribner, superintendent of the Fort Worth ISD.

Mayor Betsy Price echoed Scribner's reaction, saying, "Kids need to get pumped up after a summer off to get ready to get educated. Their parents need to know that the community knows how important education is."

Events similar to this one do not happen overnight. Planning has already started for the 2017 'roundup.'