‘Tally’ Go?! All-Male Version Of Hooters Closes Down In Oak Lawn

OAK LAWN -- It's been more than a year since Tallywackers took on 'Big D,' and they seemed to be ahead of the restaurant biz.

But as of Wednesday morning, things have changed. Regulars and staff got a hump day surprise -- lights out at the Oak Lawn location!
The restaurant's Facebook page posted they were "temporarily closed" and looking for a change of address. They even asked their FB friends' advice on which city they should move to.

That's not the story we got from the landlord. He told NewsFix that the owners of Tallywackers vanished without a word.

Owner Rodney Duke posted to his Facebook page that he was leaving town to visit family -- but took the time to share customers post about the news.

Geesh! Just yesterday it was 'Two Dollar Tuesday' and now it's 'Tally Ho' -- time to go!