Fort Worth 8th Grader Gives More than 200,000 Meals

FORT WORTH - While most kids spend the summer in front of their Playstation 4, that's not where you'll find Will Lourcey. It was six years ago that Lourcey talked his friends into taking up a bigger challenge.

“My non-profit is called FROGS or 'Friends Reaching Our Goals. We mobilize and inspire youth to fight hunger in our community," said Lourcey.

The teen first got into helping feed the hungry when he saw a man with a sign that read, ’Need a meal.’ Lourcey says, “Because I was seven I didn’t understand what that meant. So I asked my parents and they told me hunger was a huge problem in the community.”

Now, besides making straight A's and playing tennis and basketball, Lourcey and his friends also fight childhood hunger. So far FROGS has passed out more than 200,000 meals to needy kids.

Nickelodeon is putting on a show to highlight FROGS' work. The Halo Effect will air Lourcey's story starting Friday and profile the 13-year-old's efforts to fight hunger.

Lourcey says he’s not sure what he wants to do when he gets older, but his mom is happy with the choices he's made so far. “It's encouraging to know that little kids can make a big positive impact on the world," said his mom, Julie Lourcey.