Dalila’s Leftovers: Vertical Life Farms

DEEP ELLUM -- It's pretty safe to assume that most people in Dallas get their veggies from the grocery store, maybe even the Farmer's Market. But a lot a folks haven't quite tapped into hydroponically grown plants. And that's why I wanted to check out Vertical Life Farms for my latest Chew on This shoot. Owners Ples Montgomery IV and Anthony Whitley explained the benefits of their tower to table concept which include: longevity, taste, and safety.

And I can vouch for the next level greens. From trying them straight off the tower (which is something I've always wanted to do), to having them in a salad prepared by Ann's Health Food Center & Market -- with no dressing, I might add. If you're looking to switch up the way you take in your greens, Vertical Life Farms is a great start!