Bobcat Makes an Appearance at Old School Amusement Park in Dallas!

DALLAS -- When you think about places you can catch glimpses of wildlife you think of Florida, North Dakota, or even Montana. The City of Dallas doesn't really come to mind right away.

Well, think again.

A bobcat popped up in the Northwest Highway area in what used to be Penny Whistle Park, an amusement park that was pretty popular in the eighties.  And this theme park apparently used to be the cat's pajamas! Even though, it kind of resembled a page right out of a Stephen King novel.

In the video, the kitty is simply strolling around the old park minding its own business. Not really causing any harm to anyone.

But this isn't the first time a cool cat has been spotted around the DFW area. In Richardson, a bobcat was caught on camera eating small neighborhood pets!

Thankfully this was no copycat and no small pets were eaten during this video.

Here's hoping this cat just likes theme parks!