“Fat Tony Romo” Costume Used in 7-Eleven Robbery!

GARLAND, TX -- They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, one picture of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo sure carries a lot of weight.

You've seen this photo of Romo floating around the internet, claiming the quarterback has packed on a couple of quarter pounders.

The picture has gained so much popularity a robber used it as a disguise!

After a robbery on July 15, the Dallas Police Department sent out this tweet:

Garland PD released a surveillance video that shows the man walk into the store, stroll by the cashier, head to the back of the store, grab a twelve pack of brewskis, pull out a handgun, and point it at the clerk as he stepped right on out, without paying, of course.

The dude is described as a white man wearing a blue baseball cap-- which is similar to the one Romo rocks - a black shirt, grey shorts and black tennis shoes.

Talk about seeing double!