Watch: McKinney Groom Busts out the Moves for Surprise Wedding Dance!

MCKINNEY, TX -- You've seen them before and you'll see them again: the choreographed wedding dance. The one where the bride or groom acts like they have no idea what's going on.

We've seen so many over the past couple years, they've almost lost some of the excitement. Yet, sometimes one comes around that's different. And you can't stop watching it!

Here's the scene: guests hushed, lights dimmed at the Piazza on the Green in McKinney. The bride and groom, Lexi and Hunter Heinrich, are seated at the edge of the dance floor getting ready to play some sort of newlywed game.

When, boom! All of sudden Hunter pops up, joins his groomsmen for an impressive choreographed dance and Lexi is clearly surprised.

All in all, it was an impressive show. The groom and his crew apparently picked up some of the moves from YouTube. They also had some help from the groom’s sis!  It's almost hard not to smile when you see a genuine wedding video like this one.