Why Some Americans Are Backing Police Chief Brown

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DALLAS -- The man of the hour and maybe man of the year, appears to be Dallas' police Chief David Brown. He delivered one of the most memorable speeches in the city's history Monday.

"This tragic incident, will not discourage us from continuing the pace of urgency and changing and reforming policing in America," he addressed the crowd.

In a rare personal moment, he opened up about his past, dropping out of college to become a cop in his South Oak Cliff Neighborhood, to help fight a cocaine epidemic.

Brown's words "They took an intercity kid like me, with flaws, and made them their police chief," has gotten recognition from people across America.

Brown also issued out a challenge. Instead of protesting , he's asked people to be apart of the solution to help change their community.

"Serve! Don't be a part of the problem, we're hiring," he explained.

Apparently those words are inspiring people from Louisiana to Washington who want to join the force.

Check out this Facebook post from DPD recruiting, thanking people who are sending in their applications.

That's not all the chief is inspiring, Move over Hillary and Trump,
#ChiefDavidBrown is trending.

His speech was so good, some are now backing Brown for President.

His leadership potential, in part, is coming from his outspoken view that cops are being asked to solve all of society's problems.

"Every society failure we put it off on the cops to solve," Brown explained during his speech.

Chief Brown asked elected officials, the media, and the community to step up, support the police, do their jobs, and to come together to make Dallas a place we're all proud to call home.