Fans Troll Ciara After Husband Russell Wilson Kisses Her Son

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It’s official! Football Star Russell Wilson and Pop Princess Ciara are man and wife! They jumped the broom in a lavish wedding in London last week. So now that the two beautiful celebs are married, Wilson, Ciara, her son baby Future are one big happy family.

Ciara Russell Wilson

Well, this may be a bit much for the father of Ciara’s young son, rapper Future’s fan base to take. A video of baby Future asking his new stepdad for a “Papa kiss” is upsetting Future fans. Take a look at the video below.

Now fans are giving their unsolicited opinion on what appears to be an innocent  moment between a blended family.

Okay, so this fan is encouraging violence.

While other fans are giving a less scary but still very harsh point of view.

This fan sees this video as proof that Ciara is still in love with Future and trying her best to be petty.

One person felt the site of another man kissing your son would be too devastating for any father to see.

While some thought Ciara was “disrespectful” for allowing her son to call her husband “papa” and get a kiss on the cheek, others felt it was no big deal since, according to court documents, Future only wants to see his son “two days out the month” anyway.

Future, Sr. has yet to comment on the video, but probably will, given past incidents. Remember Future’s famous radio interview on the popular morning radio show The Breakfast Club, where he slammed Ciara for allowing Russell to push Future, Jr around in a stroller. “Of course, I wouldn’t want anyone to push my son. That’s like the number one rule,” the rapper said.

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Also, earlier this year Ciara took Future to court and demanded a judge grant her sole custody of baby Future.  That didn’t go in her favor as the Judge decided to grant joint custody.

Whatever is going on we hope despite outside chit chat all three adults, Wilson, Ciara, and Future can be civil.