Police Look for Suspects Who Lit Fireworks Display in Walmart

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PHOENIX, Ariz. — Wow! A Phoenix Walmart is closed… And could be closed for up to a week, after someone lit fireworks inside the store.

The patriotic display of fireworks began cracking… exploding… And bursting into flames.

Several customers and employees were forced to run for their lives from the Walmart.

“Somebody could have been killed inside that store with that fire growing as fast as it did and as bad as it could have gotten,” said Phoenix Fire Captain Larry Subervi.

According to UPROXX, three men set off the fireworks in the store and Arizona police are looking for the suspect. In store surveillance video the men can be seen looking back at the fire as they walked out of the store.

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The three men could face up to a class two felony, just below a murder charge.

“A prison sentence for this could be 20 years plus the fines that go on top of it,” said Captain Subervi. “It can absolutely ruin someone’s life.”

The prank was definitely not worth the trouble the suspects face once caught.