‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Wisely Takes Page From ‘The Flash’s’ Playbook

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After an often plodding first season of “Legends of Tomorrow,” things are switching up for the time traveling misfits in Season 2. Rather than tracking a single villain they know all about — like Vandal Savage — executive producer Marc Guggenheim says the template for villains is going to change starting with Season 2.

“Unlike season 1 of ‘Legends,’ where we basically had the big bad introduced in the crossover, what we’re going to do in season 2 of ‘Legends’ will be more similar to what you’ve experienced in the first three seasons of ‘Arrow’ or the first two seasons of ‘Flash,’ where it’s more of a slow reveal and a little bit of a mystery,” he explains to Entertainment Weekly.

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This should come as beautiful music to the ears of anyone who tuned into Season 1 of “Legends of Tomorrow.” With practically zero mystery surrounding the season, there just wasn’t much to look forward to on the season. Of course, that was one of a number of problems with that show, but there are other places to complain about how is mishandled time travel.

“Legends of Tomorrow” is a show with endless possibility and the induction of the Justice Society of America created even more opportunities to tell fantastic stories. The series just needs to figure out a formula that keeps viewers riveted.

This is a huge step in the right direction.