Rockwall Stalls Bathroom Bill — So, What’s Next?

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ROCKWALL, TX -- For all the noise in Rockwall leading up to Monday night's city council meeting, things got awful quiet once Mayor Jim Pruitt actually presented his proposed "bathroom bill."

The mayor couldn't even get a second for his proposal, which would have made it illegal to use a bathroom that doesn't match the gender on your birth certificate, so the ordinance won't go any further unless he brings it up again at a later meeting.

Maybe all the pro-transgender protesters convinced the city council to reject the bill, or maybe they were afraid of the backlash there's been in North Carolina after they passed a similar law there, or maybe they just couldn't figure out a way to enforce the restroom rules.

Whatever the case, Pruitt's proposed potty policy has been flushed.

Meanwhile down in Austin, though, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has a post and a petition on his website, asking for supporters to "Say 'no' to men in women's restrooms."

Which begs the question... Does that include trans men, whose birth certificates haven't been changed from female?  Or is Patrick trying to make Texas the next North Carolina?

For now, the transgender community has a victory to celebrate, even if the fight is far from over.