Live Off the Grid With the Outsiders

'Outsiders' is a stunning new drama from WGN America starring David Morse as Big Foster and Thomas M. Wright as Sheriff Wade Houghton.

The Farrell Clan has lived atop the Shay Mountains in the rugged hills of Appalachia for over 200 years. They have survived and thrived until one day they are forced to defend their land from an encroaching town below.

Sheriff Wade Houghton struggles to maintain the peace between both worlds while walking a bureaucratic tight rope to get the job done.

But their leader, Big Foster, and the rest of the guys are ready to fight until the death, threatening to tear both of their worlds apart.

'Outsiders' premieres Tuesday, January 26, 9/8C on WGN America. Here's where to find WGN America in your cable lineup.

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