These ‘American Girl’ Dolls are Giving Cancer Patients Confidence

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EL DEGUNDO, CA -- Something as small as a doll can make a life-size difference for a little girl, especially for girls who may be fighting a grown-up battle  like cancer.

For the past four years, the popular American Girl dolls have been making special friends, who come without hair, to help girls who are dealing with cancer or alopecia. The dolls provide comfort and a boost of confidence.

Now, it appears the idea has taken on a life of its own.

Thanks to money raised by a cancer organization, five-year-old Elsa Wiemerslage was given her American Girl doll before her third round of chemotherapy.

"She's being thought of for special things," Elsa's mother, Adrienne Wemerslage told WHDH. "It gives her a little bit of the childhood she's missing."

The organization raised over $1,000 on a GoFundMe page so they can purchase dolls for other cancer patients at Elsa's hospital.

But, the American Girl Doll makeover might not end there.

Turns out, 10-year-old Lamaya was born with a heart defect. Three open heart surgeries have left her little chest scarred. Lamaya and her mother have started a petition on asking American Girl to create a doll, or a kit, for children who have surgery scars.

Here's hoping the company can create a doll that's truly a reflection of little girls like Lamaya.