Home Sweet Home: CASA Weather Radar Makes Home in Ft. Worth

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FT. WORTH - Thursday brought storms that tore down parts of North Texas. On Friday the city of Fort Worth was building to create a safer North Texas.

It's called CASA, weather radar that'll help bridge the gap between old and new severe weather detection technology. Valerie Washington, the Assistant City Manager for Ft. Worth, was on-hand to help usher in a new age of technology, “Ft. Worth is truly excited to be a part of this regional effort to provide high resolution weather data that will serve and protect this community.”

One of the main advantages of the new radar system over others is that it detects weather patterns at a lower level of the atmosphere, where severe weather occurs. And according to Molly McFadden, Director of Emergency Preparedness, another advantage is speed, “Information that will be updated every one minute compared to every five minutes on the current system.”

Those features might`ve come in handy during Thursday’s storms but Tom Bradshaw, Meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service of Fort Worth, says that’s it’s not for certain, “We don`t know for sure exactly how it would`ve helped, that`s kind of theoretical but if it had been online certainly the proximity to the tornado most likely would`ve given us a better look at it.”

But Washington wants everyone to know: their CASA es su CASA, “This project will help save the citizens in our city and make citizens in other members of our region also provide that level of care for their citizens in their own communities.”

Here's hoping CASA will open the door better warnings that will help you stay safe during dangerous storms.