Goodbye, Grumpy Cat — Hello, Grumpy Puppy!

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IOWA -- Move over Grumpy Cat, your 15 minutes of internet fame may be over. Say hello to your replacement: Earl the Grumpy Puppy. He's a five-month-old Beagle-Pug mix who lives in Iowa.

Earl the Grumpy PuppyHis photos went viral over the past few weeks, and he's now a star on Instagram and Facebook with millions of followers.

Some of those fans have been creating their own memes with Earl's pictures.

Like, "Say fetch one more time."

And, "Breakfast time. Dog food again."

And a whole bunch more that are *not* family friendly.

Earl looks pretty moody, but his owner says he's actually very friendly.

So, if you crave the spotlight but you just can't seem to attract attention, take a lesson from Earl. It only him five months to become a worldwide star.